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Welcome to Andrew’s Agile! I’ve created this page so you can get to know a bit more about me.

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Tell me about your experience leading a project with an Agile engineering team.

One team system I worked with upgraded our SaaS system (an end-to-end system with Android, communications, and host components) to meet new regulatory requirements. The team was relatively new to agile practice, and I rotated roles (scrum master -> product owner -> scrum master + developer) to help facilitate the team’s learning in the space of user stories and agile technical practice. I also initiated and facilitated a 2 day planning workshop so that we could get some clarity into whether we could meet the regulatory deadline and what we would need to do to get there.

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Tell us about a SaaS and/or PaaS project you have worked on? What impact did you make?

A recent SaaS project I worked on was a greenfield development with a “launch customer” helping us understand the specific value and needs. My role with this project was a mix of domain expert, agile expert, and technical consultant. My impact included:

  • Helping close the deal with the launch customer (a Fortune 50 firm) by demonstrating technical understanding and needs understanding, partly through facilitating planning events where our combined teams discussed issues, converged on functionality and priorities, and built transparent relationships.
  • Facilitating the 3-continent development teams through a reorganization (from component teams to feature teams) that enabled *much* faster flow and greater ownership and quality.
  • Enabling higher quality and faster development by coaching the teams on a test pyramid approach to test automation (as part of the CI/CD workflow).

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